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Vision Beach Tennis Precision 12 2024

Sale price$275.00


The Vision Precision 12k Beach Tennis Racket has an advanced core stabilization system, this racket is made with 12K Carbon and textured silicone in a honeycomb structure. This combination significantly increases the racket's stability at impact, expanding the ideal point of contact, providing an incomparable sensation of comfort and precision.

Designed for intermediate and advanced players, this racket represents the perfect fusion between stability, comfort and control. With a design that enhances performance, it is the right choice for those looking for a refined and consistent experience in their games.

Material: 12K Carbon
Core: EVA Extra Soft
Length: 50cms
Thickness: 22mm
Weight: 330 +/- 5 gr
Technology: New Innov System, Stabilizer System, Sharp Hole Technology.

Impact: Medium
Surface Finish: Factory Treatment
Balance: Medium Balance (25 cm)

Signature: Maksimilians Andersons

Vision Beach Tennis Precision 12 2024
Vision Beach Tennis Precision 12 2024 Sale price$275.00