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NOX Beach MB10 2022

Sale price$230.00 Regular price$280.00

Hand in hand with Maraike Biglmaier, arrives the new MB10 Luxury.

A racket with a spectacular design that combines the lightness and strength of the 18K carbon used on its faces with an intermediate density rubber that offers great maneuverability and an exquisite feel. A racket suitable for any type of player, with a 100% carbon frame and a 20mm thickness, made according to “Mara’s” specifications.

Signature Player: Maraike Biglmaier

Material:  Carbon 18K
Core: EVA Extra Soft H3
Lenght:  50 cms
Thickness:  20 mm
Weight:  345 +/- 10gr
Surface Finish:  Rough
Balance: Medium/ High