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Kona GLADIATOR Beach Tennis 2024

Sale price$320.00

The Gladiator is the new racket of Brazil's #1 athlete, André Baran. Developed in partnership with the player, the racket has premium 3K carbon, with Japanese thread, 22 mm and 27 holes. The internal foam is EVA BLACK SOFT, providing more precision, control and power for all movements. An intelligent distribution of holes, aimed at agility in strikes and also friction with the ball, generating more spin. The 25 to 26 cm balance creates a very well balanced racket, reducing the risk of injuries.

GLADIATOR is signed by André Baran.

Material:  Carbon 3K
Core: EVA Black Soft
Lenght:  50 cms
Thickness:  22 mm
Weight:  335 +/- 5gr
Surface Finish:  Glossy
Balance: Medium (25-26 cms)