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Drop Shot 2024 Kibo 5.0

Sale price$84.90

The Drop Shot Kibo 5.0 shovel has been designed for all players who want to introduce themselves to the world of padel and start enjoying this exciting sport.

The model is made of Fiberglass, providing solidity and playability. Their pieces are made from Eva Soft rubber, the softest rubber we make and the main quality is the elasticity and lightness it brings. It has been designed with a rounded format that gives you the sweet spot in the center of the blade, thus facilitating the game. 

Twin Tubular, which consists of inserting a double tubular of carbon canvas pre-impregnated with resins of maximum durability, giving them homogeneity in all areas of the frame and providing greater rigidity while avoiding vibrations in the frame of the shovel. The Kibo 5.0 model features the Silicone Grip Channel system; There is a channel in the grip of the shovel, where a piece of silicone is inserted, to reduce the vibrations just in the area where the player holds the shovel. 

Material:  Fiberglass + 3D Face
Core: EVA Soft
Shape: Round
Thickness:  38mm
Weight:  360 +/- 10gr
Surface Finish:  3D Face

Drop Shot 2024 Kibo 5.0
Drop Shot 2024 Kibo 5.0 Sale price$84.90