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Drop Shot 2024 Explorer Pro Attack Padel Racket

Sale price$349.99

New Drop Shot Explorer Pro Attack 2024 padel racket is the official padel racket of the professional player Lucas Campagnolo. It is a renewed version with important technical improvements.

Its shape is round, with the sweet spot centered and the balance low. The best choice for advanced or professional level players looking for exceptional control and spectacular power.

The planes are made of 24K carbon with Textrem Cubicarbon 24K Twill technology, which uses a more flexible and resistant twill-type interweaving that provides power and guarantees resistance.

The core is made of Eva Pro rubber that provides control and high ball speed to achieve greater power.

As advances, it has the Smart Holes System technology that, through the distribution of the curved holes, allows more spin to the ball and reduces vibrations. The 3D Face system on the planes, an exclusive Drop Shot design, provides greater spin to the ball.

To protect it from possible hits against the wall or on low balls, it includes the Ergo Pro Protector Nylon system attached to the padel racket, without drilling the frame so as not to weaken it. It can be replaced and does not increase the weight as it is very light.

The heart of the padel racket has a multitude of edges that help reduce vibration when hitting and a central beam, Power Beam Heart, which provides rigidity, durability and resistance.

The Twin Tubular System, carbon fabrics pre-impregnated with resins of maximum durability, provides homogeneity in all areas of the face and provides rigidity, avoiding vibrations in the frame of the padel racket.

The design is modern and bold in metallic blue and black background. In addition, it has the signature of the player Lucas Campagnolo.

Weight from 350-370 grams.

Material:  Carbon 24K
Core: EVA Pro
Shape: Round
Thickness:  38 mm
Weight:  360 +/- 10gr

Drop Shot 2024 Explorer Pro Attack Padel Racket
Drop Shot 2024 Explorer Pro Attack Padel Racket Sale price$349.99