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Drop Shot 2024 Conqueror 12 Padel (JMD)

Sale price$249.90

The Drop Shot Conqueror 12 model is one of the rackets that cannot be missing from our collection since its great reception and its long history among the Drop Shot collections, position it as one of the star rackets.

Its faces are made of 12K Carbon; Flat bidirectional carbon with 12,000 filaments per carbon thread to make the faces of the high-end rackets, thus achieving excellent playability and extra resistance. The rubber inside the face is made of high-density Eva Pro, a rubber whose main property is the feeling of control. With a high ball speed, greater power is achieved. To make the carbon we have used Textrem Twill technology, which could be described as a more flexible and resistant twill-type interweaving that produces greater power and maximum resistance. Regarding its format, the racket has been manufactured in a teardrop shape, placing the sweet spot above the center of the racket.

The distribution of the holes on its face has been made using Smart Holes System technology, thanks to which the holes are located in a curved, progressive shape and which provides a better development of mechanical forces at the time of hitting, helping to give spin to the ball and improving vibration reduction. On their faces we can perceive the 3D Face technology that presents a 3D texture in a rhomboidal shape, exclusively designed by Drop Shot, to provide greater spin to the ball in shots where maximum spin must be given to the ball, especially designed for aggressive players in their game.

Twin Tubular System, which incorporates a double tubular of carbon fabrics pre-impregnated with resins of maximum durability, giving it homogeneity in all areas of the face and providing greater rigidity avoiding vibrations. in the frame of the shovel. Furthermore, in order to offer greater resistance, rigidity, durability, the heart of the racket is designed using Power Beam Heart technology where a central beam is incorporated.

Its style boasts an elegant and highly distinguished design, transmitting an image of professionalism in its finishes.

Material:  Carbon 12K
Core: EVA Pro High-Density
Shape: Round
Thickness:  38 mm
Weight:  360 +/- 5gr

Drop Shot 2024 Conqueror 12 Padel (JMD)
Drop Shot 2024 Conqueror 12 Padel (JMD) Sale price$249.90