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Drop Shot 2023 Conqueror 11 Padel

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The 11th edition of the popular Drop Shot Conqueror racket, developed in collaboration with padel legend Juan Martin Diaz. This gem of a padel racket is ideal for advanced or professional players who care about the game and are constantly chasing perfection.

The racket has a teardrop-shaped head and a medium to high balance to ensure extra appeal in your offensive strokes. Drop Shot has really paid attention to the latest edition of the racket, which comes in an aesthetic design in black, red and gold shades spiced up with a number of Drop Shot's most prominent technologies:

  • Twin Tubular System: The racket's frame is made with double tubular carbon fabrics that are pre-impregnated with resin for maximum durability. The technology results in a more consistent hitting surface and provides greater rigidity so you don't lose energy in the swing.
  • EVA Tech: The hardest rubber in Drop Shot's range, providing the experienced player with tremendous control and feel with the ball.
  • Hergo Pro Protector: Lightweight and replaceable nylon protector attached to the racket without penetrating the frame.
  • 3D Face: Rhomboid-shaped texture on the racket surface to give more spin especially in attacking shots.
  • Cork Cushion Grip: Anti-vibration system with a cork plate placed in the grip area to prevent the vibrations of the impact from reaching the hand.
  • Smart Holes System: The holes of the racket are placed in a curved, progressive pattern for increased power and less vibration in the stroke.
  • Silicone Grip Channel: A channel in the racket handle in which a piece of silicone with a 2 mm absorbent cork coating is inserted to reduce vibration.
    Material:  Carbon 24K + 3D FACE
    Core: Eva Tech High Density + Nylon Protector
    Shape: Teardrop
    Thickness:  38 mm
    Weight:  370 +/- 10gr

    Drop Shot 2023 Conqueror 11 Padel
    Drop Shot 2023 Conqueror 11 Padel Sale price$209.99 Regular price$279.99