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Drop Shot 2023 Canyon Pro 1.0 Padel

Sale price$209.99 Regular price$279.99

Drop Shot Canyon Pro 1.0 is an excellent addition to the Drop Shot padel racket range. It caters to the versatile and experienced player looking for a racket with solid capabilities in both the offensive and defensive strokes. Drop Shot rates the racket's characteristics as 60/40 in control vs power.

  • Twin Tubular System: The racket's frame is made with double tubular carbon fabrics that are pre-impregnated with resin for maximum durability. The technology results in a more consistent hitting surface and provides greater rigidity so you don't lose energy in the swing.
  • EVA Pro: It is a harder rubber than Eva Soft and softet than Eva Tech. The elasticity of the rubber provides greater control and touch.
  • Hergo Pro Protector: Lightweight and replaceable nylon protector attached to the racket without penetrating the frame.
  • 3D Face: Rhomboid-shaped texture on the racket surface to give more spin especially in attacking shots.
  • Cork Cushion Grip: Anti-vibration system with a cork plate placed in the grip area to prevent the vibrations of the impact from reaching the hand.
  • Smart Holes System: The holes of the racket are placed in a curved, progressive pattern for increased power and less vibration in the stroke.
  • Silicone Grip Channel: A channel in the racket handle in which a piece of silicone with a 2 mm absorbent cork coating is inserted to reduce vibration.
Material:  Carbon 24K
Core: EVA Pro
Shape: Teardrop
Thickness:  38 mm
Weight:  360 +/- 5gr

Drop Shot 2023 Canyon Pro 1.0 Padel
Drop Shot 2023 Canyon Pro 1.0 Padel Sale price$209.99 Regular price$279.99